Op deze pagina vindt u referenties van onze klanten waarvoor Press F1 For Help online marketing, e-mail marketing, web publishing en interim management.

During the Lighting Online Redesign project I worked together with Levi for about 5 months. This was the most hectic project I have ever worked on. In this project 54 Philips Lighting websites had to be created from scretch. In periods of 10 weeks, batches of 8 websites had to be launched. During this time all countries had to deliver their feedback, which needed to be processed, checked and re-checked. Becuase of the magnitude of the project, Levi teached me in a short period of time all ins and outs of the project. He is someone who is able to explain all technical information in a easy to understand way which is crucial when dealing with multiple parties of different levels in a company. With his perfect managerial skills and also hands-on technical online skills, he is really someone who is an expert in his field. He always makes sure that when issue arrive he tackles the problem immediately. Levi is someone who keeps the complete overview of the full project while also being able to be up-to-date of the smallest details. He's highly organized, always keeps the team up-to-date of the latest developments and sets himself tight (but realistic) deadlines. He only wants to deliver an excellent job and also demands this from the other team members. ~ November 3, 2012

Jorn Koelma
Project Assistent

We first hired Levi to help manage the roll-out for the new lighting website during the Lighting Online Redesign project. Levi did a great job of coordinating the roll-out with the 54 countries. As well as keeping track of the progress. Levi is very good at chasing people to get things done. He also has good communication skills and is very pleasant to work with.

In 2012 we asked Levi to work within the B2B digital enablement team as to pick up the lead management activities and the roll-out of Eloqua. One of the key other Projects Levi coordinated was TCO. In both cases Levi helped get things started. Today we are building on the foundations he helped set-up.

I can really recommend Levi as a great professional, experienced and knowledgeable project manager. He is easy to work with and you can always depend on him to deliver. ~ October 10, 12012

Martine Koppens
Sr. Global Manager, Lighting Digital User Experience B2B

While already knowing Levi as being part of the marketing team in Lighting during the process of the Lighting Online design, he has stepped up in 2011 as the marketing and IT liaison in the team. Being fully trusted, both based on personality as well as on knowlegde, by both the IT as well as the marketing function he was a huge help in creating one team, getting the IT sense into marketing and vice versa and drove multiple projects home in a solid way. ~ December 27, 2011

Roy van Griensven
Business Process Manager Marketing – B2B

I´ve worked with Levi during the new lighting website implementation for Brazil and Latin America. It was a pleasure for me to work with him who always helped me a lot with all instruction and guidelines that I should follow to implement the project on time. He was always available to help and it´s a very gentle and kind person. The website was implemented on time and it was a success for the region. ~ December 27, 2011

Priscila Estevo
MarCom Manager Brasil & Latin America

Levi has been the centre of our team who built the Eredivisie Media Network. Highly appreciated for his very clear communication, precise work, and good knowledge of online media. Will work with you again when we have a complex project that needs a strategic overview and tangible execution. Thanks Levi! ~ March 11, 2011

Maarten Roelofs

Levi is an unbelievably hardworking project manager who does not rest until the job is done. His dogged determination and drive allowed us to roll out almost 60 new locale/language sites for Philips Lighting on time. Even when roadblocks appeared (many times), Levi always found a way to get around them to deliver exceptional results. I would gladly hire him again without any hesitation. ~ January 5, 2011

Kenneth Kwon-Young Chin
Global Director Online Marketing

We had the pleasure of working with Levi over the past year. He is a very skilled project manager who has been a partner and motivator during the re-launch of the Philips Professional lighting website, with a very good eye for detail. This project conveyed multiple challenges with respect to stakeholders, deadlines, budget and technical issues which he dealt with in a very professional way.
~ December 17, 2010

Lorissa Salomons